Sunday, July 6, 2008

Excited and scared Mom of Triplets- all girls

I am Faye, a happy wife and a shocked mother of triplets. I had just given birth last June 2, 2oo8 of 3 beautiful girls. C section is not as bad as i thought. I was scared to death with incision
all thru out my pregnancy but believed me i was giggling the time my 3 girls were pulled out
on my belly. The senior anestheologist cracking some jokes if there is still some more babies inside of me.

I am excited and happy now for the arrival of my 3 girls, scared as well because they are
premature. Their development will always be late of 11 weeks compared to a full term baby.
They will be home around my full term which is August, they are still in the NICU until
they gain weight.

Till here for now.